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Celestial Fire - A Naval Aviator's Spiritual Odyssey
Book Synopsis
Celestial Fire - A Naval Aviator's Spiritual Odyssey

Celestial Fire - A Naval Aviator's Spiritual Odyssey

Subic Bay, Philippines, was crowded with anchored ships from the Sixth Fleet. A large class Cruiser filled the cockpit window as a fully loaded DC-6 inched its way through 150 feet of altitude, having just completed its takeoff run from NAS Cubi Point. Then, without warning, life, as we'd previously know it, ceased to exist. The left-seat pilot’s next action shocked the copilot and flight engineer even more—if that was possible. And yet, that non-procedural and totally unconscious reflex was the very thing that saved Lt. Larry James Stevens and his crew from a watery grave.

It was the middle of the Vietnam War, and by then Lt. Stevens and his nine flight-crew members thought they’d grown immune to panic. That was before they found themselves transporting a classified and exceedingly dangerous cargo while fighting to stay airborne in a blinding electrical storm. Suddenly, they came face-to-face with a phenomenon so bizarre and apparently horrific that not one of them could explain to Navy investigative personnel the nature of the encounter, or how they had managed to survive.

Another thirty years of stumbling into the right place at the right time left our inquiring author with a lot more questions than answers. “Was all this life-saving synchronicity being wasted on a self-indulgent character like me?” he asked. Then, during another life-extending intervention in 1996, Larry found himself awash in such knowledge and light, there was little doubt as to its origin.

Our author’s narrative details how a self-absorbed, emotionally dysfunctional, rough & ready Naval Aviation warrior finally found peace, harmony, communion, and unbridled happiness. In the process of swapping his Bear Gun for a Bear Hug, Larry discovered new secrets to healing and energizing a fearful heart—and his guidebook represents a compelling means to share them. As readers learn how to become their own meaning-makers, they achieve freedom from the icy grip of terrorism and other fear-based expressions. By replacing the energy of competitive tolerance with cooperative acceptance, and self-sabotage with authentic inner power, feelings of separation and all judgmental comparatives—including religion—are suddenly expanded beyond.

Religious offerings, Atheism, and New-Age Metaphysics, all seem well represented today. But the rationally minded skeptic yearning for an all-inclusive connection that's free of rigid dogma and superstition is in for a frustrating search. That’s why Larry envisioned the back cover title of his book: A Spiritual Guide for Agnostics. Intelligent people with reasonable doubts and questions can be thoroughly comfortable with his unique, often humorous, but sensible presentation.

Dr. Larry’s communication style could be understood as a combination of Gary Zukav’s esoteric realism and the passionate practicality of Dr. Phil. The manuscript blends storytelling such as Redfield uses in Celestine Prophecy, “Soul Interlife” exploration as in Newton’s Journey of Souls, and the solid holistic-based psychology of Eckhart Tolle's The New Earth. The author uses spellbinding aviation stories and Holographic Psychology™ to stimulate a reader’s awakening to preexisting potential and wholeness. Then the FUN really begins!

Larry’s unusual experience and diverse background has prepared him with the material and inspiration for both writing and promoting his empowerment formulary. Although an ordained New Thought minister working in Science of Spirit/human potential research, Larry embraces an all-inclusive approach to spirituality that favors no one belief or facilitative teaching. During his varietal and far-reaching career path, Larry has enjoyed creative years as a Navy and airline pilot, motivational speaker, executive recruiter, admissions director, and marketing VP for a major West Coast technical college. He served eight months as a state spokesperson for a major U.S. Presidential Candidate, and has enjoyed a great deal of professional interaction with both the public and the media. Additionally, Larry volunteers as a Community Coordinator for the Institute of Noetic Sciences...a consciousness and human-potential research conglomerate founded by former Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell.

“Facilitating personal growth (preexisting potential) is not a job to me; it’s what makes my heart sing!” says Dr. Larry. “I’m ready to joyously promote my healing-empowering-connecting message through public speaking, consumer/trade magazine submissions, multi-media, and e-commerce,” he adds.
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