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Dear kindred seekers and empowered friends. After 5 1/2 years in direct development, and over thirty years of research into our extraordinary origins and Human Being magnificence & potential, Celestial Fire is now a reality! This is very exciting for me, because I felt very inspired and connected to you during every phase of this creative endeavor. If I have found the words and processes to convey even a portion of my personal transformation, you are in for a wild ride indeed! See testimonial at bottom of this ordering page.
PRODUCT NOTE: The new selection of Spiritual Ball Caps are available NOW, as are the First, hot-off-the-press Editions of Celestial Fire. Case orders are shipped (FREE - UPS ground) within three business days of order receipt, and all other orders (USPS Priority) are processed within TWO business days. You will receive email confirmation on all orders.
EMPOWERMENT NOTE: Something magical happens when you place a "Soul Man" or "Soul Woman" cap on your head. The wearer is continually reminded of his or her Spiritual Being status, and others they encounter are more attracted, respectful, and cooperative...often initiating questions and conversation. You'll be amazed by this subliminal dynamic and further evidence of our universal connectedness. "FUN Life" caps are a continual reminder that we are on Earth to blossom and thrive...not just scrimp and survive.

Celestial Fire - A Naval Aviator's Spiritual Odyssey

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6" x 9" trade paperback ~ 400 pages
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NEW! Transformation Meditation and
Paradigm Shift Awakening Cassette

Transformation Meditation and Paradigm Shift Awakening Cassette

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Side A: 3-part Transformation Attunement beginning with rainbow induction (relaxation) and witnessing exercise (develop your neutral observational capability so as to be more accurate with decisions and communications); Timeline Visualization (realize the degree of empowerment change already present in your life); Heart Shrine renewal with your inner child. All is forgiven…all is valued, in this powerful golden heart communion. Finish with grounding visualization.

Side B: Recorded live…a demonstration of the powerful reflective shift between First and Second Reality levels of consciousness. Learn how this ONE internal switch dramatically empowers communication skills while deepening intimacy in personal relationships.

Limited Time: Receive Transformation Meditation and Paradigm Shift Awakening FREE with a two-book order of Celestial Fire. Type “FREE TAPE” in Paypal “comments” field

Spiritual Ball Caps
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Caps made of high-quality materials, featuring thread-stitched embroidery (no silk screening) and breathing holes. "Soul Woman" caps are front reinforced, soft-back, 100% Terry Cotton with a 20% larger arch (for ponytails) and adjustable silver buckle closure. Other hats are either acrylic-cotton (wool-feel) or wool-blend, firm-constructed with Velcro adjustment straps (no plastic).

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Soul Man Hat
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Soul Talk Hat

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Fun Life Hat
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LOGO caps are identical to the above, but with the addition of SOULMANLARRY.COM URL address on the back (over the arch) in small, 3/8" letters. Although the production cost on these caps is higher, by sharing the SML opportunity with others, your shipping fee on caps is either discounted, or FREE, when ordering from the BELOW SECTION ONLY. BEST DEAL: Order three caps - get ONE FREE plus FREE SHIPPING.

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TESTIMONIAL: Here's what Vicki Worthington, editor, stepmother and wife, from San Antonio, Texas, had to say after her emotional experience with Celestial Fire.

"Even after having studied metaphysics for years, Larry's guidebook taught me in ways I never imagined. When incorporating into my life some of the suggestions [demonstrations] from Celestial Fire, I felt the positive effects immediately! While reading, my emotions ranged from laughing out loud with glee, stepping into a story-line and crying with SoulMan and his mother, catching my breath during an impossible landing of an aircraft, aching for a child ripped from his enchanted forest, sobbing over the departure of a beloved pet, to then learning [remembering, reframing, transfiguring] more about some of the extraordinary experiences that occurred in my own childhood...ones I had either forgotten, or ones which I'd not known their larger significance. I strongly encourage anyone to take a ride with SoulMan Larry in Celestial Fire...a remarkable read, and spectacular opportunity to enhance all your earthly relationships."
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