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Invitation for New Thought Leaders

Dear New Thought Leaders,

YOU are the ones, and NOW is the time, for us to help others take flight. ALL are called, but less than ALL are faithful enough, determined enough, and courageous enough to suit-up, show-up, and step-up to their manifest destiny...the complete actualization of individualistically expressed Spiritual DNA...through:

(1) Gratitude for ALL that has transpired in our lives; (2) Acceptance (in stages) of our preexisting wholeness and potential; (3) Willingness to take action on our internally-sensed calling. 

Failure to practice excellence, and thereby live up to one's preexisting potential and wholeness is NOT a BAD's just a limited thing, to whatever degree it is. As long as ones believe they have ever been a victim of circumstance or person, rather than a volunteering co-creator on an intended and magnificently experiential journey, the amnesic veil and earthly waking-up curriculum remains in both cause and effect. We get unlimited opportunities to realize and accept our true magnificence...and the FUN life that awaits. All this and more you already know, but as New Thought Leaders are we being totally effective in facilitating to those entrusted to us? Personal-responsibility-taking and neutral reflection (witnessing) can not be taught to a resisting belief system, but it can be facilitated within a waking-up and questioning congregant or student. Why would any of us be motivated to turn within for change (rather than blame/credit outer causals) until we recognize the role our inner perceptions, beliefs, and conditioned-mind habit patterns are playing in our life experience? How can I be responsible when I believe YOU are causing me to be mad, glad, happy or sad?

For the FIRST time in our long and tumultuous history, liberation (and therefore mastery) of the Earth pathway is within knowing reach. LOCATION of COMPREHENSION, as developed by a former Ernest Holmes protégé (see "Pottenger-Holmes Connection Story" -- Chapter 16 of TOC), is our reflective master key. Until we know, with core certainty, the degree to which our underlying beliefs (both conscious and unconscious) and resultant self-image determine quality-of-life experience, we respond like reactive-mind slaves to what is distortedly perceived as outer-causals. From that more opinionated and judgmental perch, ones are limited to cause & effect (rather than acceptance-by-degree) for their behavioristic and humanistic expressions. Intellectual understanding of principle (HEAD) is often the precursor for the expanded (practiced) stage of core acceptance (HEART), but I am continually reminded of the growing population of those who are living a joyous existence without a clue as to "why" or "how" concept works. They simply DO and ARE the example of "what" works.   

Within the pages of Celestial Fire, supplemented by our open-ended sharing within this special gathering site (, we can rejoice over the bountiful banquet of multi-sensory, self-actualized creations that you and I, standing beyond space & time, intended. I invite your concepts, questions, revelations, and participation on how we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those whose time has come for a paradigm shift in conscious awareness.

Although NO ONE can ever be EXCLUDED from any realm (within our without), in practical human terms, this particular opportunity will not likely attract complacent followers or the faint of heart.

It is my intention to draw from volunteering New Thought leaders and form an advisory panel...a facilitative co-op of inspiring talents, gifts, and abilities that can provide the open-ended leadership which, in turn, stimulates others to be all they're intended to be. Regardless of our individualistic uniqueness, all of which is very special, we are in this Earth adventure together. Humanity shares only One Lifeboat.

I ACKNOWLEDGE one who has answered the calling. I understand the commitment you've made, and honor you for having done so.

The guidelines for the FUN LIFE have changed and our time of empowering ascension has arrived. Please join me as we, together, supply those unlimited tickets (options) to ride. You may do indicating your particular, facilitative interest when you join "Soul Talk Uncommon Dialogue."

Rev. Dr. Larry James Stevens


"Larry,.. of all ‘us’ ministers on this [New Thought Ministers @Yahoo] list, I value your emails beyond words.  You have a remarkable ability to get away from rhetoric and inherited phrases, into the deeper distillation that can occur.  And you never back away... That too is quite impressive.  Your position as a minister, how you arrived at that, what has brought you to it and the service you give continues to trickle through in my perceptions…allowing for some a-ha moments. Keep up the grand work!!  Hugs!"


Rev. Colleen Engel-Brown, Tennessee

It's just a short registration and click away--enjoy!

Rev. Larry James Stevens ~ Science of Spirit/Holographic Psychology researcher (Director of Education for LACCRS), Quantum HEART-shift facilitator, author, and Community Coordinator for the Institute of Noetic Sciences (NorCo IONS) ~
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