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(1) Holographic Psychology® (HP). An all-inclusive study and delineated structure, explaining the human/Soul mind and the evolutionary process that brought us to this unprecedented threshold of remembering. This term, coined by California’s Dr. James P. Pottenger and his research staff, represents the culmination of this brilliant man’s lifetime of service to humanity in the study of human potential. As a psychological expansion, HP symbolizes the trifecta of a synergistic mind-body-spirit connection; a revolutionary understanding that each person subjectively determines his/her entire comprehension as part of their psychological dynamic. Self-image, an intrinsic portion of the process of human perception, evolves through three distinct reality levels. This awakening—once actualized—represents a quantum shift in realization. After a major consciousness expansion, a person's external, 5-sensory, objective-world (empirically believed) orientation changes to a subjective, internally based, multi and eventually trans-sensory realization. Awakening recipients suddenly realize the five physical senses—by themselves—fail to provide the true meaning and purpose to experiential life. What we witness, or sense externally, does not cause our anxiety, frustrations, or joy. Our currently expressing habits and beliefs psychologically determine the meaning we ascribe to any sensed experience. Interpretive language—all considered metaphor—mirrors a person's present reality and self-image.

Three distinct levels of comprehension embody individual dynamics, and comprise: (1) Behavioral (first-level understanding), (2) Humanistic (second-level understanding), and (3) Transpersonal (third-level understanding). All three levels directly relate to perspective, behavior, and the resulting quality of life—whether responding to human challenge or creative expression.

In First Reality’s subject/object-language model we name person, place, or thing: “He, She, or It.” In Second Reality’s (I AM) process-language model of humanistic psychology, we have a self, I, ego, or person...actualizing potentials. With Third Reality’s inclusion of transpersonal psychology, we recognize an “awareness of awareness,” which is one’s Eternal nature awakening to its unlimited Source. It is in Third Reality (WE ARE) that intellectual concepts of Oneness become a core reality. The complexity of each level of understanding—which includes and appreciates all previously awakened levels—provides a structure to understand our Divine and Eternal (absolute) Nature.

These shifting levels are representative of: TO me...THROUGH me...AS me. 

In the ancient past, humanity thought Third Reality (HP's current term for the transcendent realm) accessible only in the afterlife, or in more recent periods, only if one disavowed materiality by totally eliminating the mental, ego-based mind. Holographic Psychology provides a potential way for us to simultaneously achieve both a deep esoteric connection and material mastery. Discovery of this expanded paradigm of inner psychological reality continues our evolutionary pathway. A Human Being’s Spiritual DNA subconsciously (uniquely) prods him or her toward mastery of heart as well as head. The important question: Are we—as human personalities—reflectively listening?

Underlying Spiritual components lead many theistic researchers to subjectively conclude the Source of all existence a collective base innate in nature. Under this theory, Source has already supplied humanity the preexisting talents, gifts, and abilities to fully master life on Earth. Beliefs—including the activation of one's own creative abilities—manifest according to an individual's current level of understanding. Holographic Psychology comprises Universal laws discerned—in past times of Earth—by only a few gifted mystics. Rediscovery of these principles and our unlimited potential appropriately terminates membership in the classic victimhood club. Consciousness shifts deliver perspectives and choices of which beneficiaries have not previously been aware.

In Third Reality, a person knows with certainty that s/he is not a Human Being having Spiritual experiences, but a Spiritual Being having progressively enlightened (stage awareness) human experiences—involution begets evolution.

This awakening process of realization is called “FESTSTELLUNG” —a German word for simultaneous integration of both objective and subjective realizations. HP does not disavow the existence of an objective world, but simply explains that human interpretation of any objective reality expresses a subjective evaluation based on one's underlying precepts and presets. What we believe represents an indivisible absolute—that is, until we discover LOCATION of Comprehension and its observational adjudicating options.

One of the greatest benefits of Holographic Psychology: perhaps for the very first time we have a science, or theory, defining human behavior without throwing the baby out with the bath water. HP—an all-inclusive facilitation—fully embraces all elements of past human behavior, experience, and scientific study; and it does this without labeling behaviorism, humanism, or transpersonal perspectives as "wrong," "bad," or "obsolete." The totality of experiential life—vital to our collective evolution—continually expands in intended. Holographic perspective provides an omni-directional look at human behavior, and life in general, with limitless concepts...both here and beyond space and time.

This view parallels recent discoveries in the observed behavior of sub-atomic particles. Quantum cosmologists—like Stephen Hawking—make fantastic calculations and observations well beyond the purview of any Newtonian precept or even Einstein’s General Theory of the space-time continuum. Could it be that quantum particles are uniquely sentient and therefore respond (communicate) to their atomic counterparts like characters in some Outer Limits episode? If so, is this further evidence of our universal collectiveness?

Under the umbrella of “Unified Field Theory,” England’s premier physicist David Bohm (an Einstein protégé), the eminent scientific and artistic genius Walter Russell, and Albert Einstein, himself, all paved the way for the expanded presumption that we live in an ever-evolving holographic universe. They collectively advanced the theory that magnetic, gravitational, and electrical energy are all manifestations, or phases, of the same process. Carl Jung also predicted the quantum breakthroughs (realizations) that we enjoy today.

A Hologram is a three-dimensional projection, or view, created by reflected, multi-colored laser light. Holographic Psychology, as multi-dimensional perspective, recognizes all humans as something akin to manifested vibrations and frequencies of light and—on Earth—Sound energy. ECKists (students and practitioners of the metaphysical science of Eckankar) will note the similarity to their own envisioning of Spirit. This new, all-inclusively derived field views life and human potential from an expanded, reflective, and refractive perspective labeled the THREE REALITIES of consciousness.

HP provides a functional process (both language and action), which helps facilitate the actualization of (awakening to) preexisting wholeness and potential. 

Bottom line. Mastering the intuitive realizations facilitated by this science represents a quantum leap in human understanding, while eliminating boundaries that have been enslaving humans for many thousands of years.

(2) Spiritual DNA. The human-life blueprint created by higher-source intelligence. Spiritual DNA is a function of involuted teleology. In collaboration with its genetic-based partner, Spiritual DNA determines general Earth themes, patterns, and curricula for the respective individual. Plato named these patterns “Forms and Ideas.” Dr. Carl Jung called them “archetypes” within the “Collective Unconscious.” Emerson said these governing patterns were a product of the “Over-Soul,” and some modern quantum physicists and paleontologists use “Intelligent Design” to describe evidence of Higher Source Intelligence. The level of motivation with which the respective person functions (encoded within one’s human personality matrix) is not predestination, however. We can, through human free will, modify—positively or negatively—the blueprint, as we go along. Unfolding life lessons actualize certain trigger points and switch on conscious awareness light bulbs. The stronger, core-shaking ah-Ha’s can represent actualizing quantum shifts. Facilitated (according to Dr. Pottenger’s research) by our individually expressing Spiritual DNA component, strong internal conversions change a belief system as ones suddenly awaken to previously unknown levels of understanding.

In Volume One of The Holmes Papers (DeVorss), containing transcribed recordings of Dr. Ernest Holmes' Tuesday free-flow sessions (late 1950s), Dr. Holmes states: “There is in you and me a unique presentation of this [Spiritual DNA] that by the very nature of the process of our evolution we should finally spring, fully orbed, into our Divine nature and consciously participate with it.”

What comes to me intuitively: we are guided—never forced—to follow our Soul's preference. If, however, we humans get too far afield on the negative side of the ledger, we generally create a lot of pain and suffering for ourselves that may not have been part of the original game plan.

Nothing conventionally scientific in the above—just reporting what’s coming to me from the expanded realms. One advantage of not being a scientific, five-sensory reductionist: I don’t hold back any of the good and juicy parts from you!

(3) Self-image. An individual's subconscious mental image that validates his or her belief system. An essential part of the decision-making process, self-image forms the basis of an individual’s self-acceptance, or state of being, projected to the world. Those living in First Reality comprehension cannot recognize or appreciate the significant role self-image plays in their everyday experience. Chapter Two of Celestial Fire covers self-image in detail.

(4) Subjectiveness. Communication based on our current level of understanding. The assumed knowledge of an individual’s conscious awareness, as separate from the object world, is where we, as Human Beings, interpret data with the resources available to us at the time. What we believe to be true is true for us individually, not necessarily authentic for someone else—same world, same facts, but different interpretations. That’s why belief is subjective. Awareness of pre-conditioned bias, part of a reflective Second Reality or “observer” awakening, cannot be understood by First Reality’s reactive mind.

(5) Truth. What we feel in the very core of our being. Expressed from a transcendent perspective, what the Toltec teachings call “Dream Mastery,” or “Mastery of Love,” the Soul-mind perceives truth as functional wisdom converted to a system of values fathomable within a Human Being. Experienced as an inner knowingness of what works, Soul-mind truth resonates deep within the individual. For brain-mind humans, subjective (relative) truth always expands—unless one is closed to expansion. This closure, a common state of First Reality consciousness, ties ego self-image directly to personal beliefs. In First Reality, we exist in the black-and-white, right-or-wrong, judgmental world. Those expressing from the first level consider being right more important than being free or being present. They must defend—at all cost—that which they believe objective truth, or risk being made wrong or bad. Being wrong results in a major hit to the ego, which totally runs the show in First Reality.

(6) Dualism. A belief in the division of body, mind, Spirit, and the environment. Dualism exists until one awakens to the reality that s/he, rather than external factors, psychologically evaluates and creates her/his world view. In other words, one’s conscious awareness functions separately from the understanding that gives meaning to his or her actuality—until it doesn’t. “God’s will,” used as a term to differentiate or separate human consciousness from the Eternal Forces, denotes a dualistic expression. The cornerstone of dualistic principle: Cause and Effect. Dualism has more meaning and significance after one explores: (1) our human history of suffering and victimization; and (2) transcendent realms not limited by space and time (Third Reality). Holographic Psychology/Science of Spirit (Sacred form) appreciates the role that subject-object language/perception and the pairs of opposites play in the human experiential process of becoming and awakening. In addition, it points out how cause and effect is but a level (stage) of conscious-mind participation...not a reality limitation.

(6b) Science of Spirit (SOS). The sacred transpersonal phase of an inclusive Holographic Psychology, SOS [a research study entrusted to James Pottenger, a protégé of Science of Mind Founder, Ernest Holmes] represents the expanded evolution of Science of Mind; a Human Being's unfettered, transcendent nature. Combined therein is a self that embraces interactive participation within space and time, cause and effect, while in synchronistic parallel (both consciously and unconsciously) with a Self that is not limited to it. Science of Mind is to cause and effect, what Science of Spirit is to acceptance-by-degree.

When the great Science of Mind Founder, in a witnessed free-flow session during the last year of his life (late 1959), declared: "What happens to cause and effect in the transcendent realm? How can effect be 'caused' when it co-exists?" -- Science of Spirit was thus born.

(7) SELF vs. self. Our Soul or Universal-Mind existence (Big Self) vs. our human personality matrix and our view of the operating system we believe solely determines our choices and behavior (little self). Upon reflection, we awaken to advanced levels of comprehension (Self) and discover—in stages—all dualistically oriented perceptions as temporary, but intended, illusions.

(8) Attunement. An altered-state process of directed meditation or subconscious contemplation. In most metaphysical arenas, attunement is synonymous for conventional meditation. Here, we use attunement as a vehicle to bypass some portions of the conscious mind for the purpose of obtaining clarity of thought with a specific objective. Some see attunements as a process of opening oneself to the Akashic, or cosmic, Library. Other labels include Universal Mind, Collective Unconscious, Source, God, or Higher Intuitive Self. For me, attunements compare to remote viewing. With an all-inclusive format, attunements can be both divinely connecting and goal achieving. As a directed form of meditative contemplation, I demonstrate how attunements can be used as a natural-law bridge to the Eternal Forces.

(9) Location of Comprehension (LOC). An emancipating principle that represents the apex of Holographic Psychology. The few human-potential researchers and Spiritual facilitators that know of it consider Location of Comprehension the definitive quantum leap in human psychological evolution. This paradigm shift in understanding begins to arise in Second Reality awareness. LOC provides freedom to referee (what Ken Wilber and Eckhart Tolle call “witnessing”) one's own thoughts, feelings, and actions, while enjoying—for the first time—true and complete options in the decision-making process. Until an individual shifts into observer view, his/her mindset generally limits itself to automatic, predetermined responses to both environmental and internal stimuli. Fully opening to second-stage comprehension, ones become aware they are totally responsible for their feelings—wonderful, terrible, or indifferent. Practicing reflective Location eliminates all forms of victimization. LOC provides individuals with a way to determine, regardless of the external environment, his or her own quality of life—based on the philosophical and psychological dynamics within one's self-image. Internalized habits and beliefs determine our responses to contextual communication (language). Current Science-of-Spirit research suggests an inherent human capacity for realizing a Collective Source, existing—for the most part—beyond our consciousness awareness. Synchronous with the individually-expressing self/Self, this congruent association with the Collective Source provides the preexisting potential for replacement (change). A most-challenging paradigm, LOC collides with behavioristic beliefs that one learns while functioning in first-level understanding—a “formal” education is such an example. LOCATION is the master key to authentic inner power and trans-sensory, omni-sensory perception.

(10) Chakra. Stated very simply, Chakra is an Eastern delineation of various energy power points located in the human body. The seven (some cultures describe more) chakra vortices center on a horizontal axis (parallel to the spine), running from top to bottom. In Hinduism, each wheel-spinning chakra point—focused on certain emotional, mental, and physiological states of Being—represents a different deity or Spiritual influence. Some parallels exist between chakras and the “Chi” energy flow patterns used by holistic Chinese medical practitioners for over five thousand years. Western empirical science has not been able to definitely pinpoint these energy centers. Leading-edge quantum physics (multi-sensory) researchers, noting the unpredictable interactions of sub-atomic particles, are opening to the concept of a holographic universe with a complex interweaving of conscious-acting Prana energy and quanta matter.

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