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SoulMan Larry - Mind, Body, Spirit SoulMan Larry SoulMan Larry SoulMan Larry

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The transformational journey of Larry James Stevens is personal to him. Many of the exercises mentioned within the text are typical of the processes that helped shift the author to new levels of personal awareness and spiritual growth. It must be understood, however, that Larry James Stevens is not a doctor or a therapist and does not prescribe or dispense medical advice. He does not recommend the use of any technique or process for physical or medical purposes—either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is to offer an educational alternative, for self-help purposes only. The author and publisher cannot guarantee that all or any information or processes given within this book will result in the same outcome for the reader.

Everything within these pages (except direct quotes) represents the author’s own subjective opinion. Although Larry James Stevens is intimately familiar with the works of transpersonal psychologist, author, transcendent medium, Dr. Ron Scolastico; AND Dr. James Pottenger, Founder of the Los Angeles Community Church of Religious Science [LACCRS] and the Dodona Center for Human Development (creator of Holographic Psychology®); the author and publisher does not speak for these two gentlemen, or any other individual or entity endorsed or mentioned within this book. Certain story-line names have been changed to respect privacy.
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