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SoulMan's Truistic Quotations
NOTE: Permission to use up to three quotations per article, review, or book inclusion, is hereby granted; conditional on author credit (Larry James Stevens) given with each quotation used, and website URL listed at least once per book, review, or article:

“It's not how fast we run or how high we jump that determines's how well we bounce. We can either follow the bouncing ball, or BE the bouncing ball.”


“Life’s not about earning our's about learning our space.”


“It's the quality of allowing perception, not the quantity of resisting deception, that's the benchmark of an authentic life.”

“One need not walk a MILE in another person's shoes, when just a few feet will do.”

On Remaining Humble: “A pinched nerve running amuck through the rib cage reminds me that my human self is not, nor will it ever be, so wise or advanced as to be anymore than an instant away from assuming the fetal position and crying for my mommy.”

“To blame ourselves for past behaviors, or things not yet accomplished, is like blaming an acorn for not as yet being an oak tree.”

“Permanent benefit innures to those who core-integrate an empowering message, rather than continue to siphon their sustenance from the cloak of the messenger.”

“Truth draws from the spring of reflective experience...flowing from One Source, but in many directions.”

“Expanded perception, often in the guise of confusion, is evidence of a rising consciousness.”

OR: “Enlightenment arises after a monumental healing and releasing experience, often heralded by a period of confusion.”

On Oneness: “Variety of expression is not second-guessed by its Manufacturer.”

“Once airborne, you are free to move about life’s cabin.”

“YOU are that thing that goes bump in the night.”

“Activity does not guarantee accomplishment.”

“Adrenaline rage, and poise, made strange bedfellows.”

On Questions: “Until we can frame the question, we are unlikely to understand (or even hear) the answer resting within.”

“Beneficial change does not require torturous circumstances…unless we insist.”

Ask yourself: “Is the sandbox I’m creating, the one I wish to play in?”

“If you want to do and experience differently, you must believe differently.”

“We are not on Earth to scrimp and survive…but to blossom and thrive.”

“YOU, like the rest of us, have been driving nails with a rock. Wouldn’t you rather have a hammer?”

“Ask not what life can do for you…ask what you can do for your life.”

“Until we prod beneath the surface of our manifesting opportunities, it’s unlikely we’ll awaken to the larger intimacy, cosmic connection, and expansive insights (meaning-making) that reveal our true nature.”

“Change your mind about being the effect (of anything), and accept you are the Alpha and the Omega—the cause of everything.”

“Let us rejoice my beloveds! This IS the change we’ve prayed for. Let us look past the surface ugliness and see the beauty within…a beauty that has always been, awaiting our remembrance and acceptance. Welcome home!”

“To not embrace life fully and completely is like being invited to a magnificent feast containing a multitude of delectable delights, but having only lettuce.”

“We can choose to take the blinders off and smell the roses (just BE), rather than stomp all over the foliage on the way to the next goal line.”

“What I encapsulate, here, is a condensed appreciation for the empowering difference between dictatorial commandments from God, and the preexisting potential so generously gifted by God.”

“Let your life choices be based on consequences of belief, rather than subjective issues of culturally-defined right and wrong.”

“Expressed negativity, or the prevention thereof, is not the parameter for Divine intervention.”

“Divinely bequeathed gifts are a constant...although precursors are often in the form of temporary challenge.”

“Love—much like meditation—is not something we give, receive, or do; but rather, something we allow to be visited upon us.”

“Happiness is not so much about having the best of everything, but in making and accepting the best of everything.”

When All Engines Fail: “Pushing through the sensory overload, one thought dominated: Pilot skills—alone—are not going to save us.”

“Our world—for all practical purposes—is a subjective reality based purely on mirrored projections of our own beliefs, habit patterns, and self-image.”

“The Universe gives us what we need to complete our life's curriculum. What our pleasure-seeking, pain-avoiding selves ask for, or want, is generally not the same.”

“Simultaneous integration of both heart and head afford the maximum in empowerment options and awakening potential. THIS is the way of a Spiritual Warrior”

“Terrorist or other negative activities, unless you choose to make them so, do not determine your security and quality of life.”

“God does not give exclusives—question everything!” Hey! This might make a good chapter title.

“Victimization is a state of mind and heart…not the result of the human condition.”

“All the love and abundance we could possibly imagine, both for us and those we care for, is here for the taking. It requires courage, faith, and determination to prod beneath the surface of our manifesting opportunities.”

“When you learn to fully forgive, love, and respect yourself, you’ll no longer be a punching bag, a psychological clone, or one standing on street corners holding a will-jump-through-hoops-for-love sign.”

“All pathways eventually lead to an experiential realization of the true symbiotic kinship that humanity inherently enjoys with All There Is.”

“There is absolutely nothing that humans can invent that is beyond the divergent scope of possible patterns already known and provided for by Creation itself.”

“Only through turning within can we truly be liberated from without. There can no be enlightenment or liberation without core responsibility for our thoughts and feelings.”
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