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Angel Author and "LOVE Master"…Leo Politi
I’m progressively reminded how very short our Earth lives are. Special remembrances not only take on greater meaning for me today, but I clearly see how pivotal moments (such as this) can dramatically change the course of human events.

Having never suffered dis-ease or dis-ability, children's book author and artist, Leo Politi, made his peaceful transition in 1996. Not knowing of his passing, I showed up at the front door of his Bunker Hill residence a few months later with healed heart in-hand, finally ready to declare my life-long love and appreciation: I’d not had contact with the Politi family since 1976.

Leo continued actively inspiring his and many others’ hearts to sing...right to the very end. If you enjoy sharing inspirational, Soul-connecting stories with the little ones in your charge, contact any children's-department librarian.

The LOVE of in-laws
My father-in-love, children's-book author/artist, Leo Politi, featured multi-ethnic children and the opportunity to remember what life was like before we began to artificially separate ourselves based on a distorted notion that uniqueness (difference) equates badness (prejudice). His main character: the zestful, unassuming “Little Pancho”…a hero child of peace, harmony, joy, goodness, curiosity, and inclusive love…appeared first in 1938.

Almost every day, Leo drove from his home on Edgeware Road in Los Angeles, California, to the nearby Mexican Cultural Center and trade section known as “Olivera Street.” There, through the eyes and hearts of playful and trusting children, he witnessed who and what we truly are…and can be again if we choose all-inclusive, connecting light over deprecating, debilitating, and separating darkness.

In 1969, Leo’s daughter, Suzanne, invited me home to meet her uncommon family. While ready with cleverly constructed, sure-to-please answers to standard parental interrogation questions, our disarming and credulous artist obviously had other intentions. Within minutes of introductions he had me down on the hardwood entry floor, gleefully playing with his impressive collection of antique, wind-up toys! In retrospect, perhaps this was a test…one to determine if Suzanne’s warrior-suitor had any “play” left in him.

Thereafter, I lived in awe of Leo’s willingness to immediately and unconditionally embrace a serious pursuer of his daughter's affection…without even a hint of reservation. In the years I knew him, I never saw him criticize any event or person.

Leo wished only to accept, allow, love, and play. His daughter had brought me home—clearly all it took for him to welcome me with loving, appreciative arms.

Magic of Believing
I recall, now, how I then wished to believe in myself as much as did trusting Leo. I’ve invested a lifetime emulating, to the best of my often struggling and resisting ability, Leo’s demonstration of natural, inclusive love. Although Suzanne (cut from the same angelic cloth) and I chose individual paths after celebrating five glorious years together, my acceptance practice continues.

Due largely to the shining examples of the entire Politi family (Father/Mother/Son/Daughter - to whom my book (Celestial Fire) is dedicated), you can add me to the Leo Politi list of idealists who believe in the potential for a heart-based Heaven on Earth. I witnessed this Love Master of play and life, as one who did not grant fear-based expressions access to his consciousness or heart.

Leo Politi lives on in his inspirational stories and illustrations (Scribner’s Publishing), and now in the 2005 biographical offering: Leo Politi - Artist of the Angels, by Ann Stalcup (; Silver Moon Press, Publisher.

Those who gift themselves the experience of Leo’s hopeful and connecting message, or visit his inspirational mural creation (“Blessing of the Animals”) at Olvera Street in Downtown “City of Angels,” will likely awaken to the deeper and larger truth of their own magnificence.

Leo Politi’s “Blessing of the Animals” mural — Olvera Street, Los Angeles, CA

Leo Politi's Blessing of the Animals mural Leo Politi's Blessing of the Animals mural

Below, a personal 1976 gift from Leo (his print copy of the original painting)
Leo Politi’s "Amusement Pier" - Long Beach, California
Leo Politi's Amusement Pier, Long Beach, CA
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